Heck Consulting

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Financial Planning

The basis for consulting ist the cost-free and complete inventory of the actual situation, where we capture in a first appointment all assets and liabilities, all insurances and evaluate all items in a summary. Your wishes and goals will be added for an analysis and a concept creation, which ist custom-made for you.

For the best selection of companies we use comparable software, which is an actual and modern instrument to assort an optimum ranking of companies over all items of financial investment, construction financing, private credits and insurances to achieve an optimum mix for you. We guarantee for a smooth settlement and personal service.

Product Sale

Your don't want financial planning, due the circumstance you only need one product? No problem. Please tell us, what you need. All these instruments of financial planining are available for you, even you only need one product.


You only want consulting with buying a product to separate consulting and advising? No problem. For a fix charge of 500,- € including 19% VAT you'll got the whole benefit of consulting and financial planning.



Economist Thomas T. Heck

Study of economics at the Helmut-Schmidt-University in Hamburg,

AWD, team conducted, project group economic balance
BHW, team conducted building loan contract and construction financing
Commerzbank, insurance advice

SEB Bank, financial advisor
Deutsche Bank, financial advisor